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Unformatted text preview: 18.02A Problem Set 6 – IAP 2010 due Thursday Jan.14, 11:45 in 2-106 Part I (15 points) Lecture 24. Friday Jan.8 div, grad, curl: physical interpretation Read: Notes V3, V4 Work: 4E-1ac, 2, 5 (without calculation); 4F-4, 5 Lecture 25. Mon. Jan.11 Extensions of Green’s Theorem Read: Notes V5, V6 Work: 4G - 1, 4, 5 Lecture 26. Tues. Jan. 12. Change of variables in double integration Read: Notes CV Work: 3D - 1, 2, 4 Lecture 27. Wed. Jan. 13 Triple integrals Read: Notes I.3, 20.5, 20.6 Work: 5A - 2a,d , 5, 6 Lecture 28. Thurs. Jan. 14 Change of variables for triple integrals. Gravitational acceleration. Read: 20.7, Notes G Exam on Lectures 20-27 Friday Jan. 15 12:05-1pm Walker Part II (35 points) Directions. Try each problem alone for 15 minutes. If you subsequently collaborate, solutions must be written up independently. It is illegal to consult problem sets from previous semesters. With each problem is the day it can be done....
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