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18.02A Second Half: IAP 2010 Text: Simmons: Calculus with Analytic Geometry, second edition (McGraw-Hill) 18.02A Supplementary Notes (CopyTech, basement Bldg. 11). Lectures: M-F 12-1 in 54-100. John Bush Rm. 2-346 Phone: 3-4387 [email protected] Office hours: TBA Recitations: TR 10-11:30 or 2-3:30. Change section online (Stellar) or in 2-108. Web page: bush/1802A.html Problem sets: posted on the web page. Due at 11:45am in 2-106. Returned in tuesday recitation. Exams: 1 hour Test on Jan.15. No make-ups given. 2 hour Midterm Exam on Jan.29 (covers whole 2nd half). No make-ups given. Grading: Problem sets are worth 25% in total; Test is worth 25%; Midterm Exam is worth 50%. To pass the second half, you must show a reasonable effort on at least 3 of the 4 problem sets, and pass the Midterm Exam. Final grade for 18.02A will be the average of the grades for each half; if borderline, the second half will be weighted more heavily. You must pass the second half to pass
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