answers - 1 How could a grocery store use inventory to...

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1. How could a grocery store use inventory to increase the responsiveness of the company’s supply chain? This can be done by locating large amounts of inventory close to the customer. This can be done by increasing the cycle inventory or reducing the cycle time. Keeping in mind that some items have a shelf life time or expiry date which  should not exceeded. 2. How could an auto manufacturer use transportation to increase the efficiency of its supply chain? This can be done by reducing the transportation costs through: Choosing a cheap transportation mode. Designing an efficient transportation network. The transportation can be done in house or outsourced if outsourcing will  decrease costs. 3. How could a bicycle manufacturer increase responsiveness through its facilities? Building more facilities will –of course- improve responsiveness but what kind of  facilities. One of the good decisions -to keep efficiency as high as possible- is to have  warehouses near the high demand markets and ship the bicycles parts’ to them  from the main factories and than reassemble parts in the retailers place.  4. How could an industrial supplies distributor use information to increase its responsiveness? No doubt that using information in the right way would increase responsiveness  while keeping inventory levels low. First of all is to have a good forecasting technique in order to estimate future  sales or market conditions. Then the management has to decide for another technology to collect data for  itself and exchange data with manufacturers or warehouses who supply him with  goods. This technology may include EDI (electronic data interchange), internet, ERP  (enterprise resource planning), SCM (supply chain management) software or 
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even RFID (radio frequency identification) in order to communicate market data  in a proper and fast way so not run into shortage. 5. Motorola has gone from manufacturing all its cell phones in-house to almost completely outsourcing the manufacturing. What are the pros and cons of the two approaches? There are many good reasons to consider outsourcing. A few of the most 
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answers - 1 How could a grocery store use inventory to...

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