Chapter 1 Review - Chapter 1 Communication Define...

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Chapter 1: Communication Define communication? Communication : is the process by which one person stimulates meaning in a mind of another through verbal or nonverbal communications. Communication is a process (ongoing, irreversible and systematic) Communication is stimulation not transfer of meaning Communication is both verbal/nonverbal Explain the various components of the Shannon and Weaver model of communication? Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver created the communication model Components of the model: 1. The first component is the SOURCE ( Encodes ). The person who has an idea to communicate to another person…thinking thoroughly before you start. The source encodes the idea into a form suitable for communication… words and nonverbal behaviors. Encoding problem may involve a lose of words, feeling frustrated, saying something and later thinking you could of said something much better. 2. The result of an act of encoding is a MESSAGE, which can be both verbal and nonverbal. It consists of both what you wanna say and the way u say it The tone of your voice, the line of your posture, the expression in your face, the smiley you add to the end of the i.m. 3. When the source sends an encoded message, it passes through a CHANNEL. When you send a text email, the single channel is the written word electronically transferred. Over the phone, the single channel is the vocal signals electr. transf. Face to Face involve two channels 1. Sensory Channel : when you experience expressions and behaviors as someone communicates a message to you.
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Chapter 1 Review - Chapter 1 Communication Define...

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