Chapter 3 Review - Chapter 3 Ethics and Professional...

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Chapter 3: Ethics and Professional Communication What do ethics have to do with communication? Ethics is the general and systematic study of what ought to be grounds and principles for right and wrong. -ethical issues apply to comm. . in the following instances: when comm. . can be judged on a dimension of right and wrong when comm. . can involve possible sig. influence on other human when comm. . reflects the comm. .’s conscious choice to seek specific goals when it represents the comm.’s strategic decision to use comm. . as means to achieve a goal -Both the sender/receiver of any message have an ethical filter in which they determine what is right/wrong in any given situation What are some guidelines for communicating ethically in your professional life? 1. Take responsibility for your communication : Ethical decisions are largely an issue of disclosure: when to disclose and how much to disclose. Ethical comm. is as much about effect as it is intent Ex: When asked engineers about the NASA incident, “Challenger”, they only said, “at the time I thought it would be ok” instead of saying “I said launch and that was a huge mistake” 2. Treat others’ comm. . with tolerance and respect Respect others’ expressions and actions and tolerate the imperfect natures of
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Chapter 3 Review - Chapter 3 Ethics and Professional...

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