Chapter 5 Review - Chapter 5: Interviewing and Information...

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Chapter 5: Interviewing and Information Gathering What are the three characteristics of informational interviewing? 1. An interactive process between two parties: exchange Panel Interviews: Ex: large corp. equals one party and multiple interviewees equal the other 2. During which at least one party has a strategic purpose or goal in mind Without this, it would just be a conversation Impromptu Interview is an interview that arises instantly on the spot 3. Which is to be accomplished through the asking and answering of questions Some interviews are Directive : consist of the boss who askes all the questions and the employer who does all the answering VERSUS Dialogic interviews : less directive form of dialogue in which both parties feel free to initiate topics even though interviewee still asks larger percent of question * a good interview should feel much like a conversation, interesting and engaging What types of structure might our interview follow? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type? PREPARING FOR INTERVIEW 1. Decide the purpose for your interview: Define a purpose, allowing you to develop schedule of questions Choose an interview structure , which is determined by the purpose Highly scheduled interview
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Chapter 5 Review - Chapter 5: Interviewing and Information...

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