Chapter 7 Review - Chapter 7: Leadership and...

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Chapter 7: Leadership and Decision-Making in Groups Explain each of the four parts of the definition of leadership? Leadership is a dynamic, interactive process whereby one person (or group) influences another person (or persons) to move toward a particular goal or objective. From this operational definition we see leadership as a: A. PROCESS not a discrete action or even series of discrete actions Its progressive, ongoing actions, events and behaviors that may or may not lead to a culminating event Leadership is gradual and an all-encompassing accumulation of everything B. DYNAMIC INTERACTIVE leadership involves a give and take between the leaders and the led leaders can vary on how much influence their follows have on them ex. Authoritarian (little input from F), democratic (F. has a great influence leadership is a dynamic, interactive and evolving process that is quite malleable and ever changing C. INVOLVES INFLUENCE leader attempts to influence followers to achieve some goal, fuel of leadership leadership occurs at the intersection of three elements: leader , follower , and situation (interactional framework) the act of leadership itself is influenced by the leader, but also by the followers and by the situation with which the leaders and the led find themselves dealing D. IS PURPOSEFUL leaders are fundamentally trying to get something done leadership is about coping with change leadership is also strategic and purposeful leadership and communication are intertwined communication is the vehicle of leadership What does an effective leader look like? -trait approach
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Chapter 7 Review - Chapter 7: Leadership and...

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