Chapter 12 Review - Chapter 12: Using Visual Aids Sensory...

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Chapter 12: Using Visual Aids Sensory Evidence is a powerful force in professional presentations. People in the business of persusasion commonly use integrated “sensory marketing” or “emotional branding” to engage their customers’ visceral responses with a synergistic blend of color, texture, scent, taste and sound. This is why real estate agents tell homeowners to bake cookies and put on classical music. It is also why auto ads show huge scenes with music Since lower class people aren’t quite aware of how to use sensory evidence, small scale professional presentations are commonly reduced to the purely visual… hence the general term visual aid. Why Use Visual Aids Why are visual aids so irresistible? Because, humans make a separate sense of auditory and visual stimuli in a process called DUAL CODING. Dual coding is when the strams work together to provide differently coded information about the same topic, they reinforce each other, improving audience interest and recall. Therefore, presentations that engage just one sense, your eyes, are not very effective in the short or long run Visual aids stimulate retention of information Use effective visual aids, and your reward will be an audience of listeners who pay attention to your words, understand your message, and respond to your goals. Effective Presentations Bad use of visual aids will effect your presentation…so 1. Create your visual aids after you write what you are going to say, so you will use them to aid your presentation, not replace it. 2. Finish writing your presentation early enough to allow you the time to create and practice with visual aids that will actually enhance your words. Types of Visual Visual aids allow presenters to explain, simplify, and illustrate complex ideas 1. Using an object as a visual aid Most basic kind of visual aid is a relevant object, They can be inanimate (baseball) or animate (person) Make sure you use the object wisely because a good object would be effective, but when its tremendous, it will turn in to a liability as the audience will pay attention more to it than the speaker… EX: ice cream…some people will eat it…some wont…some will spill… there’s attention to be focused at but not at the speaker 2. Using visual presentations as your visual aids
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Chapter 12 Review - Chapter 12: Using Visual Aids Sensory...

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