Chapter 14 Review

Chapter 14 Review - Chapter 14 Delivering a Public...

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How something is said matters as much as what is being said. Delivery begins long before your presentation starts Your professionalism should be clear long before you enter the classroom What you CAN professionally DO… Arrive early Use the restroom before the presentation Set up special needs (flip charts, movie clips, etc Be sure that your visual aids work…check power point Turn off cell phones or ipods Get water before your presentation Move things that might get in your away when speaking Have a utensil available to take notes What you CANNOT professional do… Arrive late Practice your presentation where visible to a potential audience…come prepared Change or fix attire after arrival Check your cell phone Play with change or keys in your pocket Chat during others presentations Chew gum Appear to be, or state that you are unprepared Apologize Feign Knowledge Managing Delivery Communication Apprehension There are numerous ways to manage communication apprehension both before/during S. Dry Mouth…Drink water before Shaking knees…wear pants or a long skirt Shaking hands…use gestures Quivering Voice…Be conversational…try to explain rather than to present Poor Volume…talk to the back of the room Blushing…Wear appropriate attire to cover potential areas where you might blush Lost Points…Know your key points and have visuals when possible to help you refocus Sweating…attire is the key…test fabrics You don’t have to change for your speech…Dynamism comes in all shapes and sizes, volumes, accents, and intonations. Your main task is to allow your audience to understand your message, to help them remember it, and, perhaps, to embrace that mess. 1.
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Chapter 14 Review - Chapter 14 Delivering a Public...

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