Chapter 18 Review - Impromptu Presentation: a presentation...

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Unformatted text preview: Impromptu Presentation: a presentation delivered with very little or no time for advance preparation. Challenges and anxiety can be magnified dramatically One of the most challenging situations faced by a public speaker Impromptu and the Oral Tradition Certain phrases and rhyming or rhythmic patterns are used and adjusted, depending on the needs of the situation. Another tradition, used in argumentation and deliberation, is known as Forensics, which is explored in the dialogues of Plato and his description of Socrates. 1. Socrates was a teacher of sophistry (argumentation) 2. Many parents sent their kids to learn from teachers like Plato to enhance their abilities in impromptu explorations of law, society, and philosophy. A later tradition, developed by scholars of the early Catholic Church, emphasized techniques of recalling and delivering vast quantities of information by the employment of memory theatres 1. Scholars would begin with a visualization of a mental image 2. Each section of the architectural image would serve a specific purpose. 3. Information about the image would be rehearsed. 4. Hencememory theatrestheatre is the imagememory is the stuff you memorize 5. The body itself becomes a theatre, aligning information with digits on the hand or other body parts to help recall information. Impromptu Method Make sure you determine what type of speech you are about to giveinformative, persuasive, serious, humorous As writing an essay, every impromptu speech begins with the formulation of a thesis, or central idea. Impromptu speech is defined as an off the cuff or spur of the moment speech Types of Impromptu Speaking The most common form of impromptu speaking deals with speaking on a particular subject 1. Dealing with Subjects Typically the easiestwhere the student is given a subject of a general nature and the task of the student is to establish a central idea or argument about that subject....
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Chapter 18 Review - Impromptu Presentation: a presentation...

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