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CMS 306M: Professional Communication Skills CHAPTER 15: Delivering a Public Presentation Delivery is an essential part of being a professional communicator. Sometimes, your “delivery” – making an impression on your audience – begins long before the presentation. By knowing a few “dos and don’ts”, you can manage delivery communication apprehension. I. Verbal Delivery Tools 1. Have a thesis and key points : the audience will not remember everything 2. Use a conversational (interactive) tone 3. Use an appropriate volume : it’s ok to ask the audience for feedback 4. Using pauses and pace in your presentation: Be judicious with pauses and “read” your audience 5. Articulation and enunciation in your delivery: signal the most important parts of your message 6. Extemporaneous delivery of a presentation has the most benefits of any speaking type (e.g.
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Unformatted text preview: memorized, manuscript, impromptu) because it allows the speaker to interact with the audience II. Nonverbal Delivery Tools 1. Consider your attire : Dress appropriately – one step “above” your audience – and avoid distractions 2. Using gestures : Use your hands to enhance your message; be careful of distracting motions 3. Consider your posture and stance : Convey professionalism and confidence 4. Eye contact is one of the most important ways of connecting with your audience 5. Facial expressions should be appropriate to the moment and topic of the presentation 6. Movement : Move around the room but avoid nervous movements like pacing or rocking back and forth 7. Interacting with visual aids 8. Working with groups : Do not draw attention away from the speaker and remember that all presenters are “on stage”...
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