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CMS 306M-UTbook_Chapter12 - Chapter 12 Supporting Your...

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Chapter 12: Supporting Your Claims Importance of Evidence evidence- information that you gather from your research and present to an audience in your speech to support your claim. It can help you explore your subject’s main qualities and characteristics It can give you a means to discuss your subject’s purpose and significance; it can elucidate your subject’s history and its influence on society It can provide you with the support needed to make a claim about your subject. Types of evidence Explanatory Evidence Explanation- statement or group of statements that addresses how or why something occurs Comparative explanation- identifies the similarities and differences between two ideas or objects ex) something new to something old, something unique to something more typical Explanation by division- made by breaking down a subject and analyzing its various parts or types Interpretation- does not just states what the subject’s main elements are, but tell the audience what they mean, represent or signify Definition Statements- establish the meaning of a term or phrase by clarifying the main ideas, objects, or characteristics the term refers to. denotative (standard or literal) and connotative (suggestive or indirect) meanings types of definitions: etymological, categorical, and oppositional Descriptive Statements- create a vivid picture of your subject’s main characteristics and qualities; can also explore important facts relating to your subject Pictorial description- creates a mental picture of subject; uses graphic language and emotive terms to evoke
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CMS 306M-UTbook_Chapter12 - Chapter 12 Supporting Your...

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