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GENETICS (BIO 325) Fall 2009 Quiz 5 for discussion session Name_________________________________________Date________Unique#______ Write unique # you registered 51220 F 8-9a 51225 F 9-10a 51230 W 11-12p 51235 W 12-1p (Lac Operon 1-5) 1. Which is not part of the lac operon? a. repressor b. activator protein c. operator d. promotor e. structural gene (encode enzymes) 2. In an operon the location of the regulatory region occurs ________ the structural genes (encode enzymes). a. before b. after c. within 3. A repressor binds to _____ a. Activator binding site b. Promoter c. Operator d. CAP binding site 4. When both glucose and lactose are present a. cyclic AMP is high so transcription occurs b. cyclic AMP is low so transcription is turned off 5. What is the inducer for the lac operon? a. lactose b. permease c.
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