326Mprotozoa - protozoan; causes severe diarrhea in...

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Protozoal Diseases Protozoans are eukaryotes; major type of diseases caused are blood/tissue and gastrointestinal/ genitourinary; most make disinfection- resistant dormant stage, cyst; and a stage for replication (vegetative form) – trophozoite (troph) Amoeba group Naegleria fowlerii - causes amebic meningoencephalitis- via swimming/inhaling contaminated water; high fatality rate Entamoeba histolytica - causes amebic dysentery; contaminated water containing mature cysts; disease can be difficult to treat Apicomplexa group Plasmodium falciparum- causes most severe form of malaria; intermittent fever, malaise, can affect CNS; kills 1 Million per year; complex life cycle in RBC; vector transmitted (mosquito) Toxoplasma gondii - cats are “definitive” hosts for life cycle completion; adults frequently asymptomatic, but can affect fetus
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Cryptosporidium parvum- common waterborne
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Unformatted text preview: protozoan; causes severe diarrhea in compromised hosts; aggressive disinfection required for cysts • Cyclospora sp- recent outbreaks due to contaminated produce; causes severe diarrhea in compromised hosts Blood and tissue flagellates • Leishmania mexicana - vector borne; sand fly; mucocutaneous leishmaniasis; crustated ulcers usually with scarring • Trypanosoma cruzi- Chaga’s disease (American trypanosomiasis); vector borne- Triatomine (kissing) bug; affects heart and other organs Gastrointestinal/ genitourinary flagellates • Giardia sp- first seen by van Leeuwenhoek in 17 th century! Extremely common- often in daycares, cyst contaminated water can be a problem; foul smelling gassy diarrhea! • Trichomonas vaginalis – causes an STD “trich”; 7 million cases in US (!) annually; cysts infect and become trophs causing vaginal itching etc...
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326Mprotozoa - protozoan; causes severe diarrhea in...

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