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Discussion Session 10 1. What are the modes of transmission of Influenza virus? 2. What is a common secondary disease seen in children infected with Influenza  virus? 3. Describe Influenza  virus? What are the different types?  4. What does HA and NA stand for? 5. Describe the different steps in viral entry and replication and spread in a host cell. 6. Where does protein synthesis occur in the cell? What is special about HA and NA? 7. What are the causes for antigenic variation seen in Influenza? 8. What is Antigenic shift and Antigenic drift?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What is the major host response to Influenza infection? 10. How are vaccines for Influenza made? 11. Why is it hard to generate a vaccine for the new avian H5N1 strain? Suggest a method to overcome this problem. 12. Describe the methods used for diagnosis of Influenza virus infection. 13. What are the treatment options available for Influenza virus? 14. Describe Coronaviruses. 15. What are the methods used for diagnosis of coronovirus?...
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