Discussion Session 11 ver 97-03

Discussion Session 11 ver 97-03 - 11 Describe the three...

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Discussion Session 10: 1. What is the mode of transmission for polioviruses? 2. What is the meaning of “viremia”?  3. Polio has tissue tropism for which type of cells? 4. Describe the replication of picornaviruses.  Where does protein synthesis and genome  replication occur in the cell? 5. Describe polio viral RNA replication and protein synthesis. 6. What are the names of the two polio vaccines and how are they different? Why is the  Salk vaccine the recommended vaccine for all? 7. What is a common feature of all Hepatitis viruses? 8. What is the mode of transmission for Hepatitis A virus? 9. What serological test can be used in diagnosis of Hepatitis A? 10. What is the mode of transmission for Hepatitis C viruses?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Describe the three surface proteins of Hepatitis B viruses. 12. What are “Dane particles”? 13. What is unique about the replication of Hepatitis B viruses? 14. What is the mode of transmission for Hepatitis B viruses? 15. What does the presence of different viral components mean in diagnosis of Hepatitis B viruses? 16. Discuss the relationship between Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D viruses. 17. What are arthropod borne viruses? Describe the syndromes associated with arboviral diseases. 18. What are the two major viral classes of Arboviruses? 19. Why is it important to have a non-human reservoir for completion of the Arbovirus life cycle? 20. Describe the virus life cycle....
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Discussion Session 11 ver 97-03 - 11 Describe the three...

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