Discussion session 12 ver 97-03

Discussion session 12 ver 97-03 - 12 What is the function...

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Discussion session 1. Which are the arboviral diseases that cause severe encephalitis? 2. What types of immune responses are important in Arboviral diseases? 3. Describe diagnostic methods used for detection and confirmation of Arboviral diseases? 4. Describe Herpes viruses. Where does replication and assembly occur? 5. Why are herpes viruses susceptible to drying, heat, detergents and other chemical  agents? 6. What is the mode of transmission for HSV? 7. Describe Herpes virus life cycle.  8. Describe the risk of recurrences with HSV infections? What is the important immune  response in such recurrences? 9. Describe HPV. Which HPV types have been linked to cervical carcinoma? 10. What are the two outcomes of an HPV infection?  11. Describe the “transformation of cells” due to HPV infection.
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Unformatted text preview: 12. What is the function of the E7 protein? Is it an early or late protein? 13. How are warts treated? 14. Describe the HIV virus structure. HIV has tropism for which cell types? 15. Describe the steps in entry and multiplication of HIV. Describe the HIV attachment to host cells. 16. What is the last stage disease that results from HIV infection? Describe what occurs at this stage. 17. What are some of the opportunistic infections that affect HIV + patients? 18. What are the presumptive and confirmatory tests used in the diagnosis of HIV infection? 19. HIV drugs are designed to target different steps in the viral life cycle-describe some of the steps that are targeted....
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Discussion session 12 ver 97-03 - 12 What is the function...

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