SC v Father and mother of child

SC v Father and mother of child - unconstitutional because...

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Name : SC v Father and mother of child Facts : Mother/father of 5 children – well educated - Girl, 13, does not always obey parents - Girl went to a party, father needed to discipline so hit her with a belt and with hand - She said ears were ringing for about a day, mother approved of it - Lots of bruises reported to social services Procedure : appeal from order of family court that they abused and neglected child Issue : Plaintiff might argue : Defendant might argue : his conduct does not amount to child abuse under statute and
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Unformatted text preview: unconstitutional because denies religious liberty-Mother says she’s not guilty because father didn’t abuse Law : an abused child is a child whose physical health is harmed by the act of a parent and that harm can occur when the parent inflicts physical injury upon the child with excessive corporal punishment Reasoning : Difference between freedom of religion and freedom to act, they acted And skin is an organ Holding : affirmed...
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