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Embedded C using CodeWarrior 1 68HC12 FAMILY EMBEDDED C USING CODEWARRIOR Getting Started Manual TECHNOLOGICAL ARTS, INC. Toll-free: 1-877-963-8996 (USA and Canada) Phone: +(416) 963-8996 Fax: +(416) 963-9179
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2 WHY AM I READING THIS MANUAL? If you have purchased an HC12 module, with a docking module, from Technological Arts and are wondering what to do next, you are at the right place! Or, if you have been accustomed to programming in assembly for most of your career and you want to get your feet wet in embedded C, using CodeWarrior 3.0, then this manual should give you a good start. Before you dive in and start creating robots or an alarm system to alert you about visiting in-laws, you will need an overview of the CodeWarrior 3.0 environment to get you started. This graphic oriented step-by-step guide will show you how to: Create a project Write a simple source code, using embedded C Make file Download the code to your HC12 module Pat yourself on the back when you have completed this task and then gloat to your friends about how you spent $130 to press buttons and see lights turn on. You can program the HC12 to do a lot more once you have become familiarized with programming some of the many features of the HC12 including: Timer functions to measure frequencies or generate pulses to vary motor speed among other things Analog to Digital Conversion for extracting data from the outside world The SCI and SPI for communicating with asynchronous and synchronous peripherals respectively (keyboards, mice, monitors etc.) Parallel ports to interface to a variety of devices including LCD and seven segment displays Combining some or all of these features together to create some incredible projects NOTE: Programming of the HC12’s features is beyond the scope of this manual. These topics will appear in future manuals from Technological Arts
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Get%20Started%20with%20CodeWarrior - Embedded C using...

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