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Precalculus February 5,2010 L. Brubaker All work must be shown to receive credit. 2. (2 points) Convert the following. Show ALL steps. Do not use a calculator to do conversion. a) 45J 45' 45" to decimal degrees. b) 142.207 5Ll to DMS. 2. (2 points) The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is directly north of West Palm Beach, Florida. Pittsburgh is at 40.3 n north latitude, while West Palm Beach is at26.4Z north latitude. Assuming the Earth has a radius of 3960 mi, how far apart are these cities. 3. (2 points) At carnivals and fairs, the Gravity Drum is a popular ride. People stand along the
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Unformatted text preview: wall of a circular drum with radius 12 ft, which begins spinning very fast, pinning them against the wall. The drum is then turned on its side by an armature. As the drum is raised to a near-vertical position, it is spinningata rate of 35 rpm. (a) What is the angular velocity in radians? (b) What is the linear velocity (in ft/min) of a person on this ride? ID 4. (2 points) Without use of a calculator, find ( tztr\ a) cosl - | ' \16/ ur,i,[-!4) 5. (2 points) Without use of a calculator, find the two values of r in 10,2r) that correspond to tant = -Jt....
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