Quiz 12 - d to receive credit. y+32=-l +y-52=7 3v+42=2 L-)...

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fr Precalculus April 16,2010 L. Brubaker +l5 \uro-3 X t- r _t e fs- I <>-r *\o$-l_ | r) Lr -3 t,ilt I -=-b {: I .F Jz You must use this "r * nd v). '-rQ gb .o trr ;Y2 1-+ i lve tr rk must be shown to receive credit. oints) Solve the system by triangularizingthe augmented matrix and s method to receive credit. R r * ( 3y-22=7 V f L -3 -a | 7 -l fz -3 -L ,+zz>-*- I// 1 -r Li-s ir/-. L -,j fy-z=n L 3 2 -t I rt J L ? L _i ctt ( "a &3 fa. + 2- g_z r -7 I (", _'1 -- | -7 1 f. _3_z ll',ll L -t 1't l-+ 1r L -\,', \-,t 3 2--t -r-G ,q) [o .r ]r] \,31 \ l3 D r\ l- r /, .L r-s-_l L7-f '.i'I-aette3ctsj ,|:-:i:' i-1- | L u F -?,.'. .,J oints) Use Cramer's Rule to find the solution for x and z (you do not
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Unformatted text preview: d to receive credit. y+32=-l +y-52=7 3v+42=2 L-) IrJtg back substitution. You must ,'?*lfr-e-Lr 7l ,,. liD -\ -b',, 11 { &quot;r, )ltL -f 'tr) t7 \u l*t 5 ha ( 3. (2 points) Find the first five terms of the recursive sequence: C, - t?|__*: cs:- n- , tb z 'Cs- | {&quot; cr&quot;-L ,/^ L4 -- C4.L - wt1 . I z 3t'- ll&quot; - 8 a-L rr tb -6 4 L cs. . (n +3)l l't.' '/ ,/r ,l 'F'. gt, (2n)l , a . t,q4g\'. &quot;1 ' --:**** {r'{){ 4. (2 points) Write out the first four terms of the sequence: an =-(z.r)r Z\, )/ i'r -i .l/ I -/8 i.;EJ n,5, LI i ---:-6t, 2.(3 r metho (x-) )-r* [r&quot; *-tr-/...
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