BIS 104 FACSa spr 2010

BIS 104 FACSa spr 2010 - a fluorescent antibody against a...

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F luorescence A ctivated C ell S orting FACS Goal: to separate out enriched or pure populations of live cells from a mixed population of cells ( e.g ., separate out neurons and Schwann cells from dorsal root ganglia) Procedure: 1. Gently dissociate mixed cell tissue into a single cell suspension. 2. Label each cell type with a fluorescent cell-specific tag ( e.g.,
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Unformatted text preview: a fluorescent antibody against a protein on the cell surface). 3. Use FACS instrument to separate distinct cell populations based on their differences in: a. Fluorescent intensity ( e.g., pale verses bright) or b. Different fluorochromes ( e.g., green verses red) 4. Check separated populations to verify: a. cell viability b. purity...
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