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MBA 542--Statistics KEY     —Individual Assignment—MOULE ONE     1.21 Based on the article: “Do Debates Affect Presidential Contests?” dated October 5, 2004: (a) Categorical variable: The answer to the question “Do debates affect presidential  contests?” (b) Numerical variable: The percentage of viewers who thought that Kerry won the  debate. (c) The percentage of viewers who thought that Kerry won the debate is a discrete  variable because it cannot be measured nor continuously subdivided 1.25 (a) The population for the Harris Interactive survey is all the senior human resource  executives in the country. (b) The response is categorical. (c) This is a statistic. 2.15 (a) Ordered array:  9.1  9.4  9.7  10.0  10.2  10.2  10.3  10.8  11.1  11.2 11.5  11.5  11.6  11.6  11.7  11.7  11.7  12.2  12.2  12.3 12.4  12.8  12.9  13.0  13.2 (b)  The stem-and-leaf display conveys more information than the ordered array. We 
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This note was uploaded on 05/15/2010 for the course STATISTICS MBA 542 taught by Professor D.copeland during the Spring '10 term at Baker KS.

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KEY_Module_One_Individual_Assigment_MBA_542 - MBA...

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