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Special Problems for ME 200 – Fall 2009 Special Problems 39, 40, and 41 Due Friday, December 11, 2009 SP39: Air at the beginning of the compression stroke of an air-standard Otto cycle is at 95 kPa and 22 C. The cylinder volume is 2800 cm 3 and the compression ratio is 9. During the heat addition process, 4.3 kJ of heat is added into the cylinder. (a) Determine the temperature (K) and pressure (MPa) at the end of heat addition process. (b) What is the temperature (K) and pressure (MPa) after the expansion process? (c) Calculate the thermal efficiency (%) of the cycle. (d) What is the mean effective pressure (MPa) of the cycle? SP40: An air-standard Diesel cycle operates with a compression ratio of 16.7 and a cut-off ratio of 2. Air at the beginning of the compression stroke is at 0.1 MPa and 37 C. The engine is required to produce 200 kW power output. (a) What is the maximum temperature (K) in the cycle? (b) Determine the pressure (MPa) after the isentropic expansion process.
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