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Special Problems for ME 200 – Fall 2009 Special Problems 1 & 2 Due Friday, August 28, 2009 SP1: A 10 m 3 rigid tank has two sections separated by a membrane. Each section contains nitrogen gas. The nitrogen gas in section A has initial density of 1.6 kg/m 3 and the nitrogen gas in section B has a mass of 6 kg. At a certain time, the membrane is punctured. The final density of the nitrogen gas in the tank is found to be 1.8 kg/m 3 . Determine the initial density (kg/m 3 ) of nitrogen gas that existed in section B.
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Unformatted text preview: SP2: A diver is snorkeling 10 feet under water in coral reefs off the east coast of Florida. At this location, the water density is 62 lbm/ft 3 , the atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psia, and local acceleration due to gravity is 32 ft/s 2 . The pressure on the ear-drums of the diver is: (a) 616.65 lbf/ft 2 (absolute) (b) 616.65 lbf/ft 2 (gauge) (c) 4.28 psia (d) 4.28 psig (e) 18.98 psia (f) 18.98 psig Note: You must show all work to get credit....
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