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Special Problems for ME 200 – Fall 2009 Special Problems 20 and 21 Due Friday, October 16, 2009 SP20: Liquid water is heated in an insulated chamber by mixing it with steam. Water enters at a steady rate of 100 kg/min at 20 ° C and 3 bar. Steam enters at 320 ° C and 3 bar. The mixture leaves the chamber at 90 ° C and 3 bar. (a) Determine the mass flow rate (kg/min) of steam. (b) If the exit area of the mixing chamber is 25 cm 2 , what is the velocity (m/s) of the mixture leaving the chamber? SP21: Saturated liquid refrigerant 134a enters a throttling valve at 8 bar. The pressure of
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Unformatted text preview: refrigerant at the exit of the throttling device is 1.8 bar. The refrigerant then enters a heat exchanger in which it is heated to saturated vapor at 1.8 bar. The volumetric flow rate at the exit of the heat exchanger is 500 L/min. The refrigerant leaving the heat exchanger is adiabatically compressed to 7 bar and 50 C. (a) What is the temperature ( C) at the exit of the throttling valve? (b) Calculate the rate of heat transfer (kJ/min) in the heat exchanger. (c) How much power (kW) is required to run the compressor?...
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