World Religion Paper - David Kimbell March 22nd 2008...

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David Kimbell March 22 nd , 2008 Judaism and Buddhism view of Women Buddhism and Judaism are two very different religions. Although they do have some similarities, their views of women are quite different. In the Buddhist religion, scriptures favor men, suggesting women distract them from their spirituality. In the Judaism religion, women are viewed as separate from man, but equal. In the following paper, the role of women from these two traditions will be examined. These two traditions offer very different ideas about the nature of the body, sensual/sexual pleasure, and the role of women. In the Buddhist scriptures and texts, there are ambiguous meanings about women in society. Frequently, women were seen as someone who attracted men sexually, and were seen as someone, because of their physical desirability, that would corrupt a man and distract him from his spiritualistic nature. Women were also seen as a lower being compared to the man, weaker in all aspects of life. There are also texts suggesting that women were created for biological purposes, such as giving birth and living as a care giver. Occasionally, but not as often, texts present no real difference between men and women. (Page 4.18) The Jewish texts do not conclude that sex between a man and a woman who are married are in any way a bad thing, especially when it comes to spirituality. In fact, some important figures, such as Moses, talk about having sex with their wife in the Hebrew scriptures. Sex is not seen as something taboo or bad, but as an activity where a married
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couple can connect physically and emotionally. In the Jewish tradition, it is looked down upon to have sex before marriage or with someone you are not married to. Overall, women are seen as equals to men in the Judaism religion and scriptures. (Page 8.19) In the Buddhist tradition, the body is seen as largely a negative thing. The body is seen as a distraction from spirituality. The Story of Vimala on page 4.18 clearly supports the Buddhist idea of women. The woman in this text talks about how beautiful and
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World Religion Paper - David Kimbell March 22nd 2008...

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