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Quiz 6 2.6-2.7 trg, -/, Jo r45 09 Name Section -t Clearly state and indicate the transformations L Graph each function using shifts of a parent function. used' f**r:'='!,r,8 v( a.)f(x): -( x-z)z+32' # \<u;fi 2 -- 2. Apply the transformation indicated for the graph of the given function. 1L-:i'+ r:2L+' Z- (\r{f'&*_ 3 Co *, Vtq wn, H I' +\tp ota 4k Y ^/-if a.) (x +2)-l b. -2(x)+ I 3. Use the graph given and the points indicated to determine the equation of the function shown using the
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Unformatted text preview: formy:af(xth)tk. &lt;oF {r- 6/l'tl1-r,fr(or-V), h,L''&quot; (2,o\ 4. Evaluate the piece-wise function at the given values. {= n rrF- \r, _(l-z:' y:^(/.k, *r I&quot; -_/_--L( ' 6v (o'z) .L-rl: 6. (,1)- '&quot; 1o a : - l a'u (lx+ + x&lt;-2 f(x):t lil -2&lt;x&lt;3 I x'+2x x&gt;3 a.) (-1): 3 ,' r,.)f(0): ? / c.f(a): 2t{ / i-i.f(s): ?1 ,/ ,4 b.)g(x):%.1(-x+2)-3 e. f(-%):...
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