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College Algebra Quiz 8 - Retake - asymptote frnd the x...

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145 Quiz 8 - ?e)o'vL- 3.5,3.6 Name Section .-/ o '/ 09 1. Locate the vertical asymptotes and state whether function values will change sign from one side of asymptote to the other for each asymptote. v.6 , ,Lt 1*.L-*-l (p ( *"'| (*t t\( x*'\'\ v'q-- 9 ed *-- -!(,^-/+. 4''h{:r + " 1- (^, (1 !\ t.6A "J(lc4.* / (.r-,\ ( a*{f 2. For the function l^,o, + find the horizontal asymptote. If the graph crosses the horizontal )w a Lr -*-to l, I \'
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Unformatted text preview: asymptote frnd the x value where this happens. /*\'- / y'- 4 /-Z L/ (/" i x2+2x-3 f->z*, '7 ' '/ (x -r\ (x+i) -+ Ll -3 ',{ r(y) z yvt r(r) ' z r (->) z 'z d- i f*w{-. .-;,h 4. Find the y-intercept and the x-intercept. Find all asymptotes. (Write asymptotes as equations.)-1 t, 3. If there is a removeable discontinuity, repair the break using a piecewise function.: r(x) : x3+3f -x-3 eil6nL *th,=)...
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