Lee_assig10 - c--if(d%10==0)...

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Sheet1 Page 1 //Cheu Lee Assignmnet 10 #include<iostream> using namespace std int main () { cout<<" The sum of all even numbers between 11 and 111 square is :\n" int j, i, sum i=12 sum=0 while (i<=110){ j=i*i sum=sum+j i=i+2 } cout <<sum<<endl cout<<" \n" cout<<" All the products of 5*a with a from 10 to 52 are:\n" cout<<" \n" int a=10, b=1 while (a<=52){ cout<<a*5<<" " a++ if (b%6==0) cout<<endl b++ } cout<<" \n" cout<<"The squares of all numbers from 1 to 50 in a descending order are: \n" cout<<" \n" int c=50, d=1 c=50 while (c>0){ cout<<c*c<<" "
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Unformatted text preview: c--if(d%10==0) cout&lt;&lt;endl } cout&lt;&lt;&quot; \n&quot; int total=0, score, limit, max=0, min=1000, average, t=0 cout&lt;&lt;&quot; \n&quot; cout&lt;&lt;&quot;How many scores do you want to enter?\n&quot; cin&gt;&gt;limit while (t&lt;limit){ cout&lt;&lt;&quot;Please enter a score. \n&quot; cin&gt;&gt;score total+=score if(score&gt;max) max=score if (score&lt;min) Sheet1 Page 2 min=score t++ } average=total/limit cout&lt;&lt;&quot;The aerage score is &quot;&lt;&lt;average&lt;&lt;&quot;.\n&quot; cout&lt;&lt;&quot;The minimum score is &quot;&lt;&lt;min&lt;&lt;&quot;.\n&quot; cout&lt;&lt;&quot;The maximum score is &quot;&lt;&lt;max&lt;&lt;&quot;.\n&quot; return 0 }...
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Lee_assig10 - c--if(d%10==0)...

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