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Lee_assig21 - cout<<endl<<"The new scores...

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Sheet1 Page 1 //Cheu Lee Assig 21 #include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std int main() { int a=0 while (a !=3) { int choice cout <<"+----------------------------------------------------------+"<<endl cout <<"| 1. Curving 15 test scores |"<<endl cout <<"| 2. Find the standard deviation |"<<endl cout <<"| 3. Exit |"<<endl cout <<"+----------------------------------------------------------+"<<endl cout <<"Plese make a selection, 1, 2, 3: " cin >>choice if (choice !=3) { switch (choice) { case 1: { double scores[15]={0}, max=scores[0] cout <<endl<<"Please enter five scores: "<<endl for (int i=0 i<15 i++) { cin >>scores[i] if (scores[i]>max) max=scores[i] m } cout.setf (ios::fixed) cout.precision (0)
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Unformatted text preview: cout <<endl<<"The new scores are: " for (int k=0 k<15 k++) { scores[k]=(scores[k]/max)*100 cout <<scores[k]<<" " } cout <<endl<<endl break } case 2: { double num[5]={0}, sum=num[0], mean int n=0 cout <<endl<<"Enter 5 consecutive numbers: "<<endl for (int i=0 i<5 i++) { cin >>num[i] sum+=num[i] Sheet1 Page 2 n+=1 } mean=sum/n double d=0 for (int k=0 k<n k++) { d+=(num[k]-mean)*(num[k]-mean) } double c=d/((n-1)*0.1) double e=sqrt(c) cout <<"Standard deviation is: "<<e<<endl break } } } if (choice<1 || choice>3) cout <<endl<<"Invalid input."<<endl<<endl if (choice==3) a=choice } cout <<endl<<"Program existed."<<endl<<endl return 0 }...
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Lee_assig21 - cout<<endl<<"The new scores...

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