lab and assignment 3 - CN104, CN003: II, Computer...

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1 CN104, CN003: 計算機程式設計 計算機程式設計 II, Computer Programming I LAB and Programming Assignments 3 Part A: Fill in the Blank 1. The element of chance can be introduced in a program via an object of class . 2. A number added to a randomly generated number to change the starting value in a range of values is known as the . 3. A(n) method is called by preceding the method name with its class name and a dot. 4. If a method does not return a value, the return value type must be . 5. The arguments passed to a method should match in , and with the parameters in method declaration. 6. Method of class Random generates a random int value in the range –2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647. 7. Using existing methods as building blocks to create new programs is called . 8. If more method calls occur than can have their activation records stored on the program execution stack, an error known as a(n) occurs. 9. When a program calls a method, the called method must know how to return to its caller, so the return address of the calling method is pushed onto the . 10.
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lab and assignment 3 - CN104, CN003: II, Computer...

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