lab and assignment 4 - CN104 CN003 II Computer Programming...

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CN104, CN003: 計算機程式設計 計算機程式設計 II, Computer Programming I LAB and Programming Assignments 4 Part A: Fill in the Blank 1. Every array has a(n) member that specifies the number of elements in the array. 2. When an argument is , a copy of the argument’s value is made and passed to the called method. 3. is a calling method that gives a called method the ability to access and potentially modify the caller’s data directly. 4. To pass an array to a method, you must specify the of the array as an argument in the method call. 5. An array may be an integer or an integer expression. 6. The first element in every array has index . 7. A(n) argument list is treated as an array within the method declaration’s body. 8. Arrays are entities—they remain the same length once they are created. 9. must be initialized before they are used and cannot be modified thereafter. 10. To pass one row of a two-dimensional array to a method that receives a one-dimensional array, you specify the array’s followed by only the . Part B: Exercises For each of the following problems, write a program or a program segment that performs the specified action. 1. Write the class declaration for class Square that has a private instance variable side of type double and a no-argument constructor that sets the side to 1.0 by calling a method named setSide that you will declare in Exercise 2 . 2. Write a method setSide for the class you defined in Exercise 1 . Set the side variable to the argument of the method. Also make sure that the side is not less than 0.0. If it is, that retrieves the value of instance variable side.
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lab and assignment 4 - CN104 CN003 II Computer Programming...

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