LEC1 - MS415 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices(MS 415...

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MS415 Lec. 1 1 Instructor: Prof. Keon Jae Lee - Office: 응용공학동 #4306, Tel: #3343 - Email: [email protected] - Office hour: Thur-Fri 4-5 Assistant: Lee, Sang Young ( 이상용 ) - Office: 응용공학동 #4310 , Tel: #3383 - Email: [email protected] Lecture: 10:00-10:50 (Mon, Wed, Fri), #1317 Textbook: Solid State Electronic Devices, Sixth Edition, B. G. Streetman, 6th ed., Prentice Hall Introduction to Semiconductor Devices (MS 415) Course Policies: • Attendance: Two uninformed absences are allowed and will not be used for grades. However, after third absence, grade will be affected. Late attendance will be considered as absence. Please inform me your unavoidable absence one week before the class. • Assignments: All assignments (~6 HWs) need to be submitted on the due date (Wed). Otherwise, a penalty can be considered for each assignment. • Undergraduate and graduate students will be evaluated separately. Education Values: Accountability, Professionalism, Work Ethics Objective: The objective of this course is to teach the physical operating mechanism of semiconductor devices; carrier transport in semiconductor, p-n junction, metal/semiconductor junction, MOS capacitor, bipolar junction transistor, MESFET and MOSFET. Grading: Midterm 25%, Final 40%, HW 15%, Quiz 10%, Attendance 10%
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MS415 Lec. 1 2 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices (MS 415) Week Topic Text 9 Breakdown Mechanism Metal/Semiconductor contact Chap 5 10 MOS Capacitor Chap 6 11 MOS Field Effect Transistors: Basic Operation Chap 6 12 MOS Field Effect Transistors: Current-Voltage Characteristics Chap 6 13 Quiz #2 Bipolar Junction Transistors: Amplifying Characteristics Chap 7 14 Modern MOSFET, MESFET Optoelectronic devices Chap 6 Chap 8 15 Integrated Circuits: CMOS Process Integration, Logic and Memory Devices Chap 9 16 Review Final exam Home Page: http://fand.kaist.ac.kr/Lecture.htm (Password à MS415) • Course Schedule Course Schedule Week Topic Text 1 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices; Overview, history, industry and market 2 Crystal properties Atom, Electron and Schrodinger Wave Equation Chap 1
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LEC1 - MS415 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices(MS 415...

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