Roommate contract - Roommate Agreement The following...

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Roommate Agreement The following roommates have signed a roommate agreement on the _______ day of March, 2010 for the following apartment: Apartment # 328 100 w. hillcrest keene, Texas 76059 Roommate #1: antonio peterson Roommate #2: jacob smith TERMS 1. The details of the term of the Agreement are as specified in the Residential Lease Agreement. EXISTING RESIDENTIAL LEASE AGREEMENT 2. The roommates acknowledge that they have previously signed a Residential Lease Agreement with james The, the landlord(s) of the premises. The Residential Lease Agreement is a periodic tenancy having commenced on June 3, 2009 and continuing on a year-to-year basis until the landlord or roommates terminate the tenancy. 3. The roommates agree that this Roommate Agreement will exist alongside the Residential Lease Agreement. It is intended to set forth the rights and responsibilities that the roommates have with respect to each other. It does not, in any way, serve to replace or amend the rights and responsibilities arising from the Residential Lease Agreement. 4. Execution of this Roommate Agreement does not alter the joint and several liability of the tenants under the Residential Lease Agreement with the landlord. However, it may be used if a dispute among the roommates arises. RENT 5. The rent for the property at the address above is $600 per month, due and payable on the first week of each month to james The. 6. The roommates agree that they will share the rent amount equally as indicated below: Name Roommate share of monthly rent Roommate share of initial deposit antonio peterson 50.0% 70% jacob smith 50.0% 30% 7. All roommates agree that if any act or failure to act by any of them results in any late fees or costs for failure to pay rent, including costs of collection, the roommate(s) who paid late or who did not pay rent will be jointly and severally responsible for all costs and fees of the roommates who paid on time.
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8. All roommates agree that each person will be responsible for paying his or her share of the rent to the landlord directly. 9. All roommates agree that antonio peterson will be responsible for organizing and keeping records of payment information. SECURITY DEPOSIT 10. The roommates have collectively paid security deposit in the amount of: $500. Each roommate has individually contributed to the security deposit in the amounts specified in the "Rent" section above. 11. Any deductions from the deposit will be shared by all the roommates in proportion to the amount of deposit paid. However, any damage caused by one of the roommates and/or their guests will be paid only by that roommate and will accordingly be deducted from that roommate's portion of the security deposit. 12.
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Roommate contract - Roommate Agreement The following...

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