Stratigic plan - V-Mission Statement KJCR’s mission is to...

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Destiny Cooper Strategic Plan-KJCR I-Case Study Abstract KJCR is a non-profit Christian radio station located in Keene TX. KJCR plays only acceptable Christian music. When a new song or album is sent to the station it must first be screened by the Music Director and then Passed on to the Manager Randy Yates. The reason for this is because KJCR will only play music that has the word God in the lyrics or is appropriate according to the Seventh-day Adventist religion. II-Problem Statement The radio station suffered a fire and is now located in the TV station at SWAU. That created major problems in the fulfillment of its mission. III-Problem Symptoms Many young people say KJCR’s music is not upbeat. They say they have a hard time listening to the station because of its music. The current location of the station created a problem. KJCR doesn’t have it’s own building and offices. IV-Vision KJCR thrives to be the number one family friendly Christian radio station in the DFW area.
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Unformatted text preview: V-Mission Statement KJCR’s mission is to spread Christian music and the message of Jesus Christ to the DFW area and around the world at . VI-External Environment • Opportunities: KJCR can make changes to its playlist selection to really try to target the youth. • Threats: Because KJCR is not the only radio station in the DFW area that thrives to be family friendly they have competition in the business. KLTY radio station is doing much better than KJCR at the moment. VII-Internal Environment • Strengths: -KJCR is used as a learning facility for the business and communication students are Southwestern Adventist University. -As a non-profit radio station donations are how they get money. • Weaknesses: -KJCR has no professional employees.-The radio frequency does not go very far....
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Stratigic plan - V-Mission Statement KJCR’s mission is to...

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