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Ma 449: Numerical Applied Mathematics Reading and Homework Assignment 9 Due: Friday, November 6th, 2009 Prof. Wickerhauser You are encouraged to collaborate on homework, and to work additional exercises from the indicated problem sections, although the homework grade will be based only on the exercises listed below. Please return your solutions to me by the end of class. LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Check your solutions to problems marked with an asterisk(*) against the values in the textbook's Answers section, pp.646--672.
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Unformatted text preview: Read Chapter 7, Sections 7.3 through 7.5 of the text. Do Exercise 4 of Section 7.3, p.390. Do Algorithm 3 of Section 7.3, p.392. Do Algorithm 1(c) of Section 7.4, p.399. Do Exercise 9 of Section 7.5, p.406. [Note: an odd function actually satisfies f(-x)= -f(x), instead of what is written in the hint.] Problem H09.1. Write a program to compute the integral of a function using successive refinement of h with the composite trapezoidal rule. Let the desired accuracy be specified by a parameter in the program....
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