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Growing up I always felt out of place and as a young black male living in a single mother environment with no contact from the father, I was very confused on every aspect of becoming a man and understanding myself. From shaving to sexuality I felt lost because I never had the male influence or guidance I as well as every male need. I was constantly surrounded by women which caused me to never truly know what it was like to be a man until I became older. Morehouse College will allow me to not only get in contact with who I am as a man, but it will surround me with like minded men who looks just like me and who have similar interest. I’ve chosen to go to Morehouse for several reasons, but primarily to understand fully what it means to be a black male. Most of Morehouse’s student body is African America, and through experiences I gain there and the advice and guidance I will receive from friends and
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Unformatted text preview: teachers I hope to gain the knowledge about myself Ive always lacked. It is the perfect school for me because it will not only prepare me academically but socially because it will help me find myself and to become a better person. Also similarities with many of the students there I will encounter will also provide me with a brotherhood which Ive never had with my own brothers and it will allow me to really be able to communicate with guys as well as females. In conclusion, I know that Morehouse College is the right chose for me because I believe that it will better me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And after visiting the campus I believe in my heart it will become a second home and a stepping stone in my path to my success and personal growth....
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