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Sorry this was a day late but I was sick with the flu and wasn't able to do anything. I hope this is what you were asking. I think that the United States government should not favor certain kinds of immigrants. If the government favors on immigrant and not the other then it shows favoritism. I also do think there should not be preferences given to the neediest, most talented, most oppressed or the richest. I think there should be one set of rules for everyone, no matter where you came from. I think that there should be a test like we have now and a severe background check on all applicants and their families before they even come into the country. We need to know if the immigrant has any terrorist in their family that can harm us.No one should get priority in any
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Unformatted text preview: circumstances. Many immigrants come here looking for the American Dream and sometimes they take the dream away from the people that are here. I think we can have an "open-door" policy, to which, a person can visit for a certain amount of time but they have to return to their country and fill out all the proper paperwork before they can come and live here. If a person marries someone from another country, their spouse should have to go through the whole immigrant process like anyone else before entering. I do think that there should be fees for the tests and applications. If the person misses any questions, then they would have to study more and take another test with different questions so they can not memorize the questions....
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