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CHDV Chapter 5 - Rooting Stroke cheek will turn head in...

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Sheet1 Page 1 "T CHDV 100 Chapter 5 Averages Birth: Neonate 7.5 Ibs.- 20 inches long Lose up to 5-10% wt. First days Double birth wt. by 4th month Triple birth wt.by 1 year 1 year= 20-25 lbs & 30 inches tall 2 years= 30 lbs. & 35 inches tall Cephalocaudal Development: Head to toe Brain 1f40ftotal body wt at birth! Age 2 = 75% adult wt. Neuron: Network of brain impulses (inforination) Myelination: Coating of neurons to spGed up messages Mo!or Development: Body Movements --- Fine Motor skills: Small fingers/toes movement Gross Motor skills: Larger body movements Walking approx. 12 months (To Reflexes: Involtmtary response to stimuli (present at birth) Sucking: Automatic response to something in the mouth .
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Unformatted text preview: Rooting: Stroke cheek, will turn head in that direction Sheet1 Page 2 Palmar: Grasping, press infants palm and will Close hand Morro: Sudden noise or lowered head, infant will extend Arms, bring them together and arch back Stepping: Top of foot rubbed, held on flat surface infant Will move legs as if to walk Senses: All work at birth Vision least developed 20/600 at birth- 20120 by 1 year infants see best at 12 inches away SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (1-6 mo.) (over 3000 a year) "Back to Sleep" 37% decline since 1995 Nutrition: Brain fast growing needs good nutrition \~)' WIC: Women, Infants, Children (:1::::i:+.t=4 children under poverty line~ Breast vs Bottle Feeding L...
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CHDV Chapter 5 - Rooting Stroke cheek will turn head in...

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