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observation 2 pg 3

observation 2 pg 3 - lady in particular was instructed...

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Sheet1 Page 1 needed to be reminded to be quiet twice, they would have the consequence of menacing -, school work sheets. The eight boys got a tum at the computers first, and quickly pulled _ ",o/iIo-- up educational game sites. The teacher was-very-considerate and firm with all of the -- children, yet the boys required a little more encouragement to obey. For example, I noticed the teacher touching one of the boys gently on the back and squatting down to look him in the eye. "Did you bring your file today? she asked. "No.", the boy replied while shaking his head. "I need you to go get it for me right now, sweets." she stated firmly while nodding her head. 1 smiled to myself as the inclusion of "right now" in her sentence left no room for other options or variants to immediate obedience. The gentle touch on the back and inclusion ofthe pet name "sweets" was sympathetic to the feelings
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Sheet1 Page 2 of the boy of being singled out. While the boys where sent to the computers, the eight girls were organized into groups for designated educational play activities. One young
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Unformatted text preview: _.-' lady in particular was instructed to "work" on the smaller white board on the right. She immediately started to arrange pocket change magnets in increasing order of value and recording their value next to them. She picked up a red plastic stick and began pointing to each coin as she quizzed one of her peers, mimicking the cadence of the teacher's voice. Do you know what this is?, she asked with a grin as she held up a penny magnet with pincer fingers. 1 craned my neck to see the peers' response to this, and they were happily observing her efforts. Mter grilling her classmates for a few minutes, the girl erased the board vigorously and wrote, "On Saturday at the 1950's fair I did . .. " She lengthened her hand movements to make lines, dots and lines. "1 want eleven sentences, go." she commanded. Each of h~r peers raised their hands to make a contribution, and the girl Sheet1 Page 3 smiled as she listened to each one politely....
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observation 2 pg 3 - lady in particular was instructed...

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