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ch 18 - between salespeople Public Relations Mass No direct...

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CHAPTER 18 6 Elements of Communication o 5 Promotional Elements o Direct Marketing Growth o Has outpaced total economic growth Value o Direct orders o Lead generation o Traffic generation Technological, Global, and Ethical Issues Advantages/Disadvantages to Promotional Elements PROMOTIONAL ELEMENT MASS OR CUSTOMIZED PAYMENT STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Advertising Mass Fees paid for space or time Efficient means for reaching large numbers of people High absolute costs Difficult to receive good feedback Personal Selling Customized Fees paid to salespeople as either salaries or commissions Immediate feedback Very persuasive Can select audience Can give complex information Extremely expensive per exposure Messages may differ
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Unformatted text preview: between salespeople Public Relations Mass No direct payment to media • Often most credible source in consumer’s mind • Difficult to get media cooperation Sales Promotion Mass Wide range of fees paid, depending on promotion selected • Effective at changing behavior in short run • Very flexible • Easily abused • Can lead to promotion wars • Easily duplicated Direct Marketing Customized Cost of communication through mail, telephone, or computer • Messages can be prepared quickly • Facilitates relationship with customer • Declining customer response • Database management is expensive o • 3 Stages of the Promotional Decision Process o...
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