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TYPES OF ADVERTISEMENTS o DIFFERENT MEDIA ALTERNATIVES FOR ADVERTISING AND THEIR ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES MEDIUM ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Television Reaches extremely large audience; Radio Magazines Newspapers Yellow Pages Internet Outdoor Direct Mail WAYS OF PRETESTING AND POSTTESTING o DIFFERENT KINDS OF SALES PROMOTION AND THEIR ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES o TYPE OF SALES PROMOTION OBJECTIVES ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Coupons Stimulate demand Encourage retailer support Consumers delay purchases Deals Increase trial; retaliate against competitor’s actions Reduce consumer risk Consumers delay purchases; reduce perceived product value Premiums Build goodwill Consumers like free or reduced-price merchandise Consumers buy for premium, not product Contests Increase consumer purchases; build business inventory Encourage consumer involvement with product Require creative or analytical thinking
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Unformatted text preview: Sweepstakes Encourage present customers to buy more; minimize brand switching Get customer to use product and store more often Sales drop after sweepstakes Samples Encourage new product trial Low risk for consumer High cost for company Loyalty programs Encourage repeat purchases Help create loyalty High cost for company Point-of-purchase displays Increase product trial; provide in-store support for other promotions Provide good product visibility Hard to get retailer to allocate high-traffic space Rebates Encourage customers to purchase; stop sales decline Effective at stimulating demand Easily copied; steal sales from future; reduce perceived product value Product placement Introduce new products; demonstrate product use Positive message in a noncommercial setting Little control over presentation of product...
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