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BIS1C Professor S. O’Neill 1 Lecture Outline Topic: Leaves I. Structure Whole plant level Attachment to stem: -Axillary bud. II. Function A. Major: Photosynthesis B. Specialized: 1. Storage 2. Support 3. Absorption 4. Asexual Reproduction III. Morphology A. Simple B. Compound: 1. Pinnate 2. Palmate IV. Development A. Developmental age
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Unformatted text preview: B. Environment: 1. Air vs. aquatic forms 2. Light C. Heterophylly V. Venation (diagram) A. Dicots: “netted venation” B. Monocots: “parallel venation” VI. Anatomy A. Epidermis B. Palisade parenchyma C. Mesophyll D. Stomate: 1. Guard cells, 2. Stoma, 3. Substomatal chamber. E. Understand functions of parts...
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