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Simulation: An Enabling Technology in Software Engineering Simulation: An Enabling Technology in Software Engineering Alan M. Christie Abstract This paper suggests that the software engineering community could exploit simulation to much greater advantage. There are several reasons for this. First, the Office of the Secretary of Defense has indicated that simulation will play a significant role in the acquisition of defense-related systems to cut costs, improve reliability and bring systems into operation more rapidly. Second, there many areas where simulation can be applied to support software development and acquisition. Such areas include requirements specification, process improvement, architecture trade-off analysis and product line practices. Third, commercial simulation technology, capable of supporting software development needs is now mature, is easy to use, is of low cost and is readily available. What's so great about simulation? This paper aims to raise awareness about the usefulness and importance of simulation in support of software engineering. Simulation can be applied in many critical areas and enables one to address issues before they these issues become problems. Simulation is more than just a technology, as it forces one think in global terms, about system behavior, and about the fact that systems are more than the sum of their components. Simulation can provide insights into the designs of, for example, processes, architectures, or product lines before significant time and cost has been invested, and can be of great benefit in support of training. Simulation is being increasingly emphasized in the DoD community, where there is documented evidence that its impact on costs, quality and schedule is non-trivial. I believe that the software engineering community needs to take a stronger role in exploiting the technology [ 18 ]. The DoD emphasis on simulation The Office of the Secretary of Defense has recently initiated an effort focussed on the use of modeling and simulation to support improvement of the acquisition process. Jacques Gansler, Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Technology) states that a directive which I issued this year (1998) requires the integration of modeling and simulation in our acquisition process -- across functional disciplines -- and throughout the life-cycle of systems. We are committed to reforming the acquisition system and recognize that an essential tool for accomplishing that reform will be modeling and simulation [ 3 ]. While he does not explicitly include the software acquisition process, there is no reason to doubt (see the end of this section) that software acquisition can benefit as much as any other DoD acquisition area. Gansler's remarks are reinforced by those of Dr. Patricia Saunders, Director of Defense Test, System Engineering and Evaluation. In
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simulation-enabling-technology-sw-engineering - Simulation:...

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