Chapter 1 Introduction to life on earth

Chapter 1 Introduction to life on earth - Chapter 1 An...

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Chapter 1: An Introduction to Life on Earth Section 1.1 How Do Scientists Study Life? - Life Can Be Studied at Different Levels of Organization o Modern Biology obeys the same laws of physics and chemistry that govern nonliving matter. o All matter on Earth is formed of substances called elements Elements are all unique in their own way Atoms are the smallest particle of an element that retains the properties of that element. Atoms can combine in specific ways for form molecules o The bodies of living things are composed primarily of organic molecules Organic Molecules- Complex Molecules containing a framework of carbon where atleast one hydrogen atom is bound o Cells are the smallest unit of life within a living organism Cells of similar type combine to form structures known as tissues Tissues combine to form organs o Organs united by a common overall function are called organ systems o Organisms of the same type that are capable of breeding with one another makes a species A group of organisms of the same species constitututes a population A collection of different populations that interact with one another makes up a community - The Scientific Method is the Basis for Scientific Inquiry o Scientific Method consists of sex interrelated operations Observation Usually has to do with a sp ecific ph eno m e non Question
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Comes from the observation and is the basis of the experiment Hypothesis An educated guess to the question and what the experiment will be testing Prediction Usually express using “if….then” Experiment Tests the prediction with several controlled observations Conclusion States the validity of the hypothesis o Simple experiments test the assertion of a single factor or variable is the cause of   single observation o Scientists design controls into their experiments  Controls are variables that remain untested to compare the effects - Scientific Theories Have been Thoroughly Tested o Scientific  theory is more general and more reliable than a hypothesis 
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Chapter 1 Introduction to life on earth - Chapter 1 An...

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