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I. Presentation of Idea/Conflict A. Importance of Sex Education 1. Since sexuality is considered the cornerstone of life sex education should be mandatory to help teens make the best decisions. 2. By having sex at an immature age teens risk running into different problems such as pregnancy and premature love. 3. Sexuality helps to affect the quality of a given interpersonal relationship. B. The need for sex education is different neighborhoods. 1. Based on varying neighborhood populations studies show that more poverty stricken teens have sex at younger ages. 2. The areas that have lower average poverties are the ones in the greatest danger of possibly spreading STD’s. 3. It is imperative to avoid these teens continuously having premature sex by implementing sex education programs. 4. Even in neighborhoods where the majority do not speak English it is necessary to have teacher to accommodate for the needs of the teens. 5. Language barrier should not be an excuse for a lack of sex education. C. Rising Pregnancy Rates 1. Sarah Palin’s daughter is one of the many teens who ended up pregnant at the young age of 17. 2. Although Palin does not agree with the idea of comprehensive sex education it is necessary for others to look at her daughter and try to avoid that for their own. 3. Had Palin’s daughter been exposed to a more comprehensive sex education class she may not have been impregnated at such a young age. 4. Even a high ranking politician has been exposed to the harmful effects of a lack of sex education. D. Cold Hard Stats to Need for Concern 1. For many adolescence the need for unusual questions to be answered is frightening. 2. Of 473 questions submitted by 410 students the most popular topics included pregnancy, puberty, and masturbation. 3. This stat shows men feel conscious of their habit to masturbate and feel the need to discuss the topic. 4. It also shows how young women are responding to the pressures of possible pregnancy and menstruation. E. Federal Programs to Help Sex Education
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1. When abstinence only programs receive 1.5 billion dollars worth of government funding and still do not show results it is frightening. 2. The government endorses a program which does not run effectively which does not help resolve any issue. 3. Citizen’s tax dollars are going to waste because of the lack of results from abstinence only sex education problems. 4. Government must realize with rising pregnancy and STD rates teens need to hear a different sex education program. F. Society’s Effects on Teens Having Sex 1. Between the television and magazines celebrities are helping to affect every motion of many teenagers. 2. Teenagers love the flashing lights and the promiscuous life. 3.
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matariyehw_DONE__3_step_outline - I. Presentation of...

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