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Walid Matariyeh The Need for Comprehensive Sex Education How is it that a country which is renowned all around the world has the highest rate of sexually transmitted disease (Allen)? Moreover, how is it that the United States is also the number one country in adoption rates as well as abortions (Allen)? The answer to that question is a lack of proper sex education. The United States does not do enough in regard to sex education in order to help teenagers make responsible choices when deciding when is the right time to have sex. Teenagers need to be exposed to the different effects of sexually transmitted disease and understand how to use condoms and contraceptives. In order to help teenagers have fewer unexpected pregnancies, abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases, they need to be exposed to everything which is associated with sex. Sexuality for many teenagers is considered the cornerstone of life (Biddulph). The mere fact that sex is such a huge stepping stone in a teenagers life should help to show the attention that should be given to all teenagers who need to be guided when making choices about sex and what kind of role it will play in their lives. Unless people help to guide teenagers than these teens will continue to make bad choices. When people see that over the years the sexually transmitted disease rate has quadrupled (Bloom), it makes one wonder exactly what is necessary for people to try and change to make things get better. Irresponsible sex, in most cases, only ends with more problems than before having sex. People need to understand that when these teenagers continue to make their own choices without necessarily being exposed to possibilities from making the bad
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choice, they will continue to make the bad choices and ultimately hurt themselves and in many cases those around them. Sex education can not only help teens make the right choice about when to have sex it will also help teenagers make the right choice about who to have sex with. A comprehensive sex education can help give teens insight into what they want out of a relationship as well as what needs they have from a given relationship. Most teens do not know what they want from a relationship and many do not even know what to look for in a mate. Comprehensive sex education will show teens what it means to have sex and the possible physical and emotional tolls that often occur. Not only will teens be more prepared to have responsible sex they will also be more prepared for finding the right person in life. The necessity of sex education varies depending on the makeup of the given neighborhood. For example a study showed that areas in Florida which were poverty stricken had a 70% higher std and pregnancy rate than the upper level neighborhoods (Madden). Moreover it was also found that minorities in Florida accounted for more than 45% of sexually transmitted diseases and more than 60% of pregnancies (Madden).
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