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Business Ethics Paper 1 09/24/2009 For centuries of history is was known that farming was the main way for many individuals to survive and remain nourished. As time has grown, the importance of the typical farmer has grown and the means of farming have expanded. Many people do not acknowledge many of the accomplishments of many farmers and believe their role to be subordinate and unimportant. The truth of the matter is that farmers are as valuble as any other professional; farmers serve a critical part of society and greatly contribute to the overall wealth of society. Farming can be called an enterprise in itself just as any other sort of business. A farmer can be just as wealthy if not wealthier than another given professional who has chosen to specialize in a different field. Power of a Common-Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civill which he started off stating his belief regarding what he refers to as the “fundamental premise” which he believes is, “all men are equal.” Hobbes goes further to describe how when men are born they are equal both mentally as well as physically. Now going by Hobbes’ premise one can come to the conclusion that no matter what one is born into they can evolve to any level of wealth and be whatever they want to be in the end. A farmer helps contribute to society’s “wealth” in many ways including the distribution of their harvest to others. Whether for profit or merely to give a farmer helps a society by making sure the entire society is nourished with the proper food and maintains that particular level of nourishment for as long as their career. Nations, even in today’s day and age, rely heavily on farmed products to help deliver numerous food products along with many other day to day necessities. A farmers’ contributions to
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business ethics paper - Walid Matariyeh Business Ethics...

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