moe kash 1 - Mohamed Kashkeesh Bus Ethics Paper 1 Explain...

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Bus Ethics Paper 1 Explain how an individual can become a farmer who contributes to the increase of a nation’s wealth and explain what the limits to such a contribution might be. One of society’s most unappreciated professions is farming; society does not give enough credit to farmers. Society seems to lack the knowledge of the numerous skill sets that a farmer has and must utilize on a daily basis. Farmers have contributed to the survival of past and present societies by adding value to life and the world around us. Whether people realize it or not farmers help contribute to societies’ wealth in numerous ways that cannot possibly be measured. Farming was once considered the primary source for food and nourishment to all known civilizations. As time has gone on, farming has become more vast however society has lost its appreciation because all of the other new developing industries and large corporations. Society does not realize how farming continues to make many facets of these industries and corporations strive on a daily basis. The reason why many of these newly developed corporations differ from farming is that the fundamentals of farming have not changed much as the years have gone on. Farmers still believe in working regardless of profit margin. Many businesses work solely to maintain a steady profit. Farmers labor on their land like no other professional. This helps add to the wealth of the society by improving the land. John Locke wrote in his work, Second
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moe kash 1 - Mohamed Kashkeesh Bus Ethics Paper 1 Explain...

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